MAMBO BABALÚ, the project

Mambo Babalú is an homage to the Mambo genre and its creators, icons such as Pérez Prado, Beny Moré, Machito, Tito Rodriguez, Tito Puente and many more masters of Mambo.

Rich in its history, decades ago Mambo captured the imagination of both dancers and music fans all over the world. Known as the mambo explosion of the 50’s, the movement was born in Cuba, grew up in Mexico and got madness in New York.

It is this experience that Mambo Babalú captures, it is a lifestyle movement that combines vintage charm with a modern, elegant beat that welcomes strands of music and dance, transcending all generations and cross-cultural movements. It is nostalgia with a modern twist, it is being transported to another era.

Mambo lives forever and is still as vital as ever. It is the journey of Mambo, from its glorious past to its bright future, come and experience for yourself all that is Mambo Babalú.

Ivelin Giro, CEO & Co-Founder / Adeline Ferro, PRESIDENT & Co-Founder

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